3 free agents that could start for the Saints right away

Leigh Oleszczak
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New Orleans Saints (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images) /
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2. Eric Fisher

Former No. 1 overall pick Eric Fisher is still waiting to sign with a team and it’s a bit surprising considering that he still played decently last year with the Colts. He finished the season with a 68.2 PFF grade and could provide the Saints with a solid starter.

Of course, New Orleans spent one of their first-round picks on Trevor Penning who is likely going to be the starting left tackle. Rookie offensive linemen aren’t always ready to step out there and go to work right away so Fisher would be a nice addition to this roster.

James Hurst is the other left tackle option and while he does okay when called into a starting role, signing Fisher would free Hurst up to slide in at another position if a starter goes down. Then the team has multiple solid backup options.

I don’t see the Saints signing Fisher simply because Penning is who they want to be the guy but if he was signed, he’d absolutely be someone who could slide in and start at left tackle.