Top 15 draft picks in New Orleans Saints history

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14. Danny Abramowicz

Drafted 420th overall in 1967

It’s wild to think that drafts once spanned 17 rounds but the rounds were much shorter back then due to fewer teams drafting. Danny Abramowicz probably would have been a much higher draft back if the drafts were more traditional but New Orleans got him in the 17th round out of Xavier.

Abramowicz played an abundance of positions but he thrived the most as a receiver. He’s fifth all-time in receiving yards for the Saints and that’s impressive considering how long ago he played and when you consider how different the game was back then. Throwing wasn’t as common as it is now yet Abramowicz put up stellar numbers.

The Xavier product’s best year came in 1969 when he had 73 receptions for 1,015 yards and seven trips into the end zone. He also rushed for 61 yards.

Abramowicz played most of his career in New Orleans but spent the final year and a half with the 49ers. At the end of his Saints career, he had tallied 309 receptions for 4,875 yards and 37 touchdowns. Not bad for a guy who played in the late 60s and early 70s and went in the 17th round of his respective draft.