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Senior Bowl standouts the Saints should be interested in

Hans Themistode
Kenny Pickett (Photo by Logan Whitton/Getty Images)
Kenny Pickett (Photo by Logan Whitton/Getty Images) /
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Boye Mafe
Boye Mafe (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) /

2. Boye Mafe

The Saints are all over the place at the quarterback position. The relationship between the franchise and all-world receiver Michael Thomas is also an ambiguous one. If you believe running back Alvin Kamara will be good enough to push this team to a playoff berth, you’ve got another thing coming.

When the offense has the ball next season, it’s gonna be ugly. But, when the defense steps onto the field, Saints fans will crack a wry smile. With an overall average of 19.7 points per game allowed, the Saints were the fourth-best overall defense in the entire league. To help bolster that defensive lineup, the franchise should attempt to get their hands on Boye Mafe.

Even as Mafe lined up against the best of the best in the Senior Bowl, he stood out. He wrapped up his time on the field this weekend with a pair of sacks, a forced fumble, and a tackle for loss. No one should be incredibly surprised by the production, he did have 34 total tackles on the year to go along with seven sacks in 12 games.

There isn’t enough time to turn the Saints into a respectable offense but defensively? They can keep that hype train moving by nabbing Mafe on the first day of the draft.