3 New Orleans Saints that could flourish with coach Kris Richard

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Number Two: Marshon Lattimore

During the Brees-Payton era, the New Orleans Saints have been in search of a consistent number one corner that can shut down top NFL receivers every week. They have that now,  just ask Bucs receiver Mike Evans.

Over the past four seasons, Marshon Lattimore has proven to be one of the NFL’s best cornerbacks and one of the Saints’ best draft picks of all time.

In just four seasons, Lattimore has been a three-time NFL Pro Bowl player with 230 tackles and 55 pass deflections. Lattimore has also shown the ability to create turnovers with 10 interceptions and 5 forced fumbles.

For the Saints to remain one of the NFL’s best defenses, they will need Marshon Lattimore to play at an elite level every week. Although Lattimore has had much success in his early career expect coach Kris Richard to challenge Marshon Lattimore to become the best cornerback in the NFL this 2021 season.