Long time Saints tackle becomes newest coaching addition

It seemed like the Saints just kept losing coaching staff positions. Now, they have added one of their own former players as their newest addition.

Throughout the end of this current season, it seemed like Saints was just losing coach after coach to other openings. The biggest one being Dan Campbell who became the Detroit Lions’ newest head coach and took some staff with him.

Now, Payton is not only actively trying to replace his Hall of Fame quarterback, but he is also trying to replace half of his staff as well. The newest addition to the New Orleans coaching staff actually comes from a former, long-time black and gold player.

Zach Strief came to New Orleans the same year that Drew Brees came in 2006. He played in all the games but rarely started in the first five years he was with the team. Starting in 2011 until 2017, Strief started for the team.

In 2017, Strief suffered two identical knee injures that eventually led to his retirement early in 2018. Strief was a great tackle for New Orleans while he was there. After he retired, he joined the Saints broadcasting team alongside Jim Henderson and Deuce McAllister.

Now, he got the call from Sean Payton. Payton has hired Strief to become the newest assistant offensive line coach working under his former offensive line coach for his last two years of his career in Dan Roushar.

Strief will bring a lot of familiarities back to the offensive line. He will also bring a lot of experience being on the team that won the Saints’ first Super Bowl back in 2009. Hopefully, he will help in the development of the young line that New Orleans currently has.

Zach Strief is the newest coaching addition, but he definitely isn’t the last. Sean Payton and the front office still have multiple more positions to fill, but it truly epitomizes a family organization when you hire your own back.