3 stats that show how dominant Saints’ Michael Thomas was in 2019

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In basketball, it is very similar to find the more a player has the ball in his hand, the more likely he is to get a turnover. That is just common sense. You would also think that the same should be true for football as well.

Michael Thomas was targeted 185 times and caught 149 of those passes. That was the most in the NFL. Thomas also totaled over 1,700 receiving yards. That was also the most in the NFL for the season and per game.

Looking at those numbers you can perfectly see that Michael Thomas had the ball in his hand quite a bit. You also wouldn’t question if Thomas had over five fumbles or even around 10 (the most in the league) because he had the ball the most.

However, the same is not the case for this young receiver. He might have caught 149 passes, but the stud only fumbled the ball once this year. That was a stunning difference between catches to fumbles — one that proves his worth.