3 underrated Saints that will make the 2021 Pro Bowl

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Deonte Harris

Deonte Harris is a New Orleans Saints wide receiver. Didn’t know that?

Don’t feel bad, not many do or actually still remember it. However, Harris, who is going into his second year, did in fact make the Pro Bowl in his rookie year and will make it again in his sophomore year.

Deonte Harris, while listed as a Saints’ wide receiver, makes his living on the special teams unit. That is what Harris was selected to the Pro Bowl for. Harris saw time in 14 games this season on the special teams unit.

He returned 36 punts for 338 yards and one touchdown. That led to an average of almost 10 yards per punt. Harris ranked No. 4 in yards per punt return in the NFL last season. He returned 24 kickoffs for 644 yards.

Harris averaged 27.8 yards per kick return, and he ranked No. 3 in the NFL in that stat. Harris is a lock to make the next Pro Bowl the same way he made the last one — being the fastest and smartest special teamer on the field.