New Orleans Saints: 3 players likely to regress in 2020

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No. 2 Cam Jordan

Cam Jordan has rightfully earned a place in the New Orleans Saints’ Hall of Fame once he walks away from the game.

Since coming into the league nearly a decade ago, Jordan has stuck by the Saints through hard times. Even when his talent became evident, Jordan has, season after season, chosen the New Orleans Saints as his home, even when such a decision probably wasn’t easy.

But, Jordan will also be thirty years old once the season begins. Yes, he had a career-high 15.5 sacks last season, but dropoffs in production, in defensive linemen, tend to be more sudden than gradual.

It’s more likely than not that Jordan’s Iron Man approach to the game will catch up with him suddenly, and at 30 years old, that day is fast approaching. Jordan’s age and extremely high bar set on the veteran is why he’s likely to regress this coming season.