New Orleans Saints: 3 players likely to regress in 2020

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No. 1 Taysom Hill

Hill is a lot older than you, and many fans, think.

Sean Payton’s secret weapon will turn 30 before the opening kickoff.

Those of you screaming that “Brees is forty, Hill should have another decade left in him!” must reconsider their style of play.

Hill, though fun to watch, is nowhere near the talent that Brees is and never will be. Brees hasn’t had to undergo the same punishment that Hill has, either; Drew has never caught a pass or taken a handoff.

Drew’s been sacked, yes, but the game has been remarkably easier on Drew’s body in 19 years than it has on Taysom’s body in 3 years.

Aside from that, opposing defenses are starting to get wise to Taysom’s act. When Payton first introduced him out of the woodwork, no one knew just how to handle his Swiss Army Knife game.

Fast forward to 2020, and not only have opposing defenses had plenty of time to get a feel for what Hill brings to the game, other teams, like the Packers, are even going so far as recruiting their own Taysom Hill-like players.

It won’t be long before every team in the league has a Taysom Hill is on their roster.