New Orleans Saints: 3 players likely to regress in 2020

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The New Orleans Saints must partake in collective yoga sessions as their Super Bowl window has been stretched, and stretched, and stretched some more.

Yet just when it always seems like that’s it, it’s over, no more playoff appearances for coach Payton and the beloved Saints, along comes a Taysom Hill or an Alvin Kamara or a Marshon Lattimore, giving us ways to keep on winning.

Somehow, someday or another, that Super Bowl window that opened when Drew Brees and Sean Payton took the reigns of the franchise will have to close. With many speculating this season to be Brees’ last, that day is likely sooner than later.

Brees’ play has undeniably taken a step back in recent years.

There’s an argument to be made that he’s become more a liability than an asset. However, he has been the NFL’s completion percentage leader for three consecutive seasons, a tough feat for even the best quarterbacks.

At 40 years old, a decline is to be expected. What will come as a shock to Saints’ fans this upcoming season is who else on the roster will begin to show signs of slowing down. That said, let’s dive into which three may take a step backward.