Creating an absolutely dominant all-time 53-man New Orleans Saints roster

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Having won three straight NFC South titles and primed for a fourth, the Saints have a history of success. That said, who would be on their all-time 53-man roster?

There has been quite the luxury of hidden gems mixed with insane star-studded talent that has come through the New Orleans Saints over the years and it has us wondering what an all-time 53 man roster would look like.

I, first of all, want to clarify that this is not just a list of the 53 best players in Saints history, rather it’s an analysis and hair pulling decision-making process on what would likely be a realistic 53-man roster.

It was difficult especially with several players not even close to having played on the team’s most recent roster. This was hands down the hardest article I’ve written to date but it certainly provides serious insight on your favorite Saints players.

Without further adieu, here’s the New Orleans Saints’ all-time 53-man roster by position. Let us know if you have thoughts on the comments below as we’d love to hear your insight on who you think we missed.

Also, here is a current 53-man roster predictions.