New Orleans Saints: 3 monumental trades the team should consider

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(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Almost every team has already made waves around free agency signing and trades associated with them, but the New Orleans Saints are still stagnant.

The New Orleans Saints are a team that we expected to be very active in this year’s free agency. They have 24 free agents and are looking to fill in holes, but up until now, they have been pretty laid back letting other teams dictate scenarios.

Over the course of the last couple of weeks, the Saints have watch Stefon Diggs, DeAndre Hopkins, Amari Cooper, Randall Cobb, and many more either get signed off the market or traded for by other teams.

We continue to grow deeper and deeper into depression the more the Saints watch players that were linked to the team get signed away. They have to step up and make a move in the coming days if they wish to improve their team.

However, there are still players out there that the New Orleans Saints can make a move on in order to improve their team. These three trade candidates would fit nicely in New Orleans and definitely be worth the cost.

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