New Orleans Saints: 3 teams that should sign Teddy Bridgewater

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Free agency is finally upon us football fans, and some of the NFL’s biggest stars have already been packing their bags in preparation of switching cities, including New Orleans Saints’ QB Teddy Bridgewater

New Orleans Saints’ Teddy Bridgewater is next in line with his decision on where he wants to play football in 2020 and beyond.

His name has been mumbling around the league quite a bit over the past few days, and he has been rumored to sign with a quarterback-needy team like the Colts or Bears all offseason.

With the recent buzz surrounding the free-agent period, it’s looking like Teddy may choose to take his talents somewhere else. The most recent news is that Teddy is intending to sign with the Panthers for around $20 million.

That said, Phillip Rivers may be headed to the Indianapolis Colts and the Bears are about as indecisive as it gets in regards to who they want.

Reports stated that the Chicago Bears were close on a deal that would make Bridgewater the starting quarterback over Mitchell Trubisky yesterday, but it appears Bridgewater is trying to keep his options open, perhaps waiting until future Hall of Famer Tom Brady signs his deal.

Here are the three destinations for Teddy Bridgewater that make the most sense for both sides.