New Orleans Saints: 3 ways to win the 2020 NFL Draft

NOLA Saints (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
NOLA Saints (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) /
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Trade down for a first and second or two second-round picks.

This is an option that the New Orleans Saints need to massively consider. After losing their second-round pick via a trade, they only have two picks in the first three rounds. To effectively win this draft, they need three.

There are two options that come with that. The first would be to find a team in the latter part of the first round and trade the No. 24 pick for a late first and second-round pick. That way they trade back for two picks.

The second scenario would be trading the No. 24 pick for a team with two second-round picks and pick swapping those three. Trading down would still allow the Saints to snag a wide receiver with their first pick wherever it falls.

Either scenario, the New Orleans Saints are walking away with three picks in the first three rounds and that is the most ideal outcome. The more picks the Saints to have, the more success is likely to come from the draft.