New Orleans Saints: 3 ways to win the 2020 NFL Draft

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Draft a wide receiver early

After the look of last year, the number one need for the New Orleans Saints is a No. 2 wide receiver. Because of the drastic need, this most likely needs to be our first-round pick at the No. 24 position if we keep it.

Now, the wide receiver class is one of the deepest in the draft so it would definitely benefit the New Orleans Saints to trade down, but we will touch on that later. Out of the class, there are two that stand out that the Saints have a chance at.

The first is LSU star, Justin Jefferson. Coming off of a championship performance with the Heisman quarterback, Jefferson is in for an upgrade with Drew Brees. His athleticism and quickness put him ahead of the pack. Oh, and he is tall too.

The other wide receiver that I would really like the Saints to consider is Brandon Aiyuk. Aiyuk came on the scene lately and has exploded ever since. He has seemingly climbed the ranks up to a top ten receiver coming out of this draft class.