New Orleans Saints: 3 Takeaways from 2nd loss

Sean Payton, New Orleans Saints (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)
Sean Payton, New Orleans Saints (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images) /
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(Photo by Harry Aaron/Getty Images)
(Photo by Harry Aaron/Getty Images) /

The Saints’ offensive line showed they are not perfect.

One of the talks of the New Orleans Saints is the strength of their offensive line. Adding a rookie center that has been fantastic and having potentially multiple Pro-Bowlers on the line, they are the real deal.

However, they are still not perfect.

After showing off in weeks 1-8 with Alvin Kamara rushing for multiple games over 100 yards. Not only did they allow a top 5 running back to go off, but they also allowed and led to Latavius Murray rushing for over 100 yards in one of his games filling in for Kamara.

Against the Atlanta Falcons in week 10, the offensive line allowed SIX (!) sacks for a total yard loss of 46 yards. That is a huge number compared to the number (or lack of) sacks they have given up per game to date.

They also only allowed 4.7 yards per rush which is below their average. Now, in no way am I calling the New Orleans Saints offensive line as garbage or even below par. They are still great, but they showed they are not perfect.