New Orleans Saints: 5 high-value, late-careers receivers to target

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Paul Richardson

One of the younger receivers on the list is Paul Richardson, who is currently on the hopeless Washington Redskins. Richardson entered his sixth season in the league this year and comes in at No. 4 on veterans to target.

Prior to joining the Redskins, Richardson was showing promise on the Seahawks under the leadership of Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll. During his best season, in 2017, Richardson notched  703 yards on 44 receptions.

He’s never been given the targets of a No. 2 target on a dynamic offense. After all, in his six seasons, he’s seen 45-plus targets just once. However, since that season in 2017, Richardson’s completion percentage has trended upward to 67% this season.

Under contract until after the 2022 season, Richardson may not be the elite threat that the Saints are looking for, but he does have a few things going for him. That said, he should be cost-effective, potentially costing less than a fourth-round pick, and he’s a steady flow of production.

Richardson has missed ten games in the last four seasons and has yet to miss a game this season. He’s consistent. The Saints need that. For his cost and production, Richardson comes in at No. 4.