5 cornerbacks the saints should look at before trade deadline

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Jourdan Lewis
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Jourdan Lewis – Dallas Cowboys

Jourdan Lewis is not an obvious pick for a trade, but sometimes the right place and time can call for deals to be struck that may have otherwise been hard to imagine. Lewis is a good up-and-coming player, but he is stuck behind a few other Dallas Cowboys cornerbacks in the depth chart.

Last week, he recorded his third career interception in their loss to the New York Jets. Lewis is young, but so are the guys ahead of him on the depth chart, all under the age of 27.

So why go after a young talent when a veteran leader could help immediately fill a starter’s role? The answer is that it may not be the immediate answer to start, but someone who can grow into that role. Rather than spending the bank on a guy for a year or two, the Saints can invest in something beyond 2019.

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Lewis isn’t the now guy, but he could be a future one. Why not go after the right trades rather than only filling the now needs? Lewis is still on his rookie contract, making this a much easier fit for the salary cap.