5 cornerbacks the saints should look at before trade deadline

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Chris Harris Jr.
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Chris Harris Jr. – Denver Broncos

The 30-year-old cornerback from the Denver Broncos is a four-time Pro Bowl player and a Super Bowl champion. Chris Harris Jr. came into the league the same year as Peterson and only has four fewer interceptions and has three more defensive touchdowns in his career.

Harris is a slightly higher cap hit than Peterson but his trade demand would be much less given his age, the Bronco’s record, and him being in the final year of his contract. Playing in your contract year has shown to get a player’s best performance in order to pull in a new deal.

This would give the Saints a comparable player, but at the expense of a late round pick rather than a first. We would also have a player playing for his most likely last career contract. Harris is not the player Peterson is, but the investment may be more efficient given the timing of his contract and more leverage on the Saints side.

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A  fifth round pick would be worth the cost of a 2018 Pro Bowler near the back-end of his career with Super Bowl experience.