New Orleans Saints: Dez Bryant is the only high-profile target left

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Stefon Diggs
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After three high-profile wide receivers were mentioned a week ago, the New Orleans Saints are now really down to just one option, Dez Bryant.

The New Orleans Saints obviously aren’t overly worried about their receiving situation. With Tre’Quan Smith out yet again, the Saints will have a one-dimensional receiving unit with Michael Thomas leading the way.

What’s new though? It’s been this way for weeks.

A few weeks ago, there were three ideal situations, two of which involved New Orleans trading for an elite wide receiver. However, the report broke that they were eyeing a tight end yet was never truly confirmed by a high-profile source.

The two receivers, one of which is unhappy in his current situation and the other which is just on one of the league’s worst teams, were both viable options. Sadly, it seems neither option will be brought to fruition.

New Orleans, though, should still be in the market for a wide receiver. After all, they’ve been banged up with Smith and Keith Kirkwood out the majority of games. Michael Thomas has been their only consistent threat.

They’ll need more.

Look at the team that defeated them in the NFC Championship Game just a year ago. The Rams have three capable receivers. It’d be nice for the Saints at least add to their corp prior to the approaching trade deadline.

That said, let’s break down the two situations with Stefon Diggs and A.J. Green, the two hopefully tradees.