Observations from the cheap seats: Saints drop the Cowboys

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Observations: Teddy B. and the Saints play calling

Teddy Bridgewater

I’ve been quite easy on Teddy B. as of yet. But he needs to get rid of the ball a bit quicker.

He’s making his offensive line work too hard. Some of the offensive penalties are due to them having to hold their blocks a second longer since Teddy hasn’t gotten rid of the ball yet. That said, the back shoulder dime to Thomas early on was a thing of beauty.

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Offensive play calling

The Saints offensive play calling rarely needs to be questioned.

But two calls jump off the page as… unusual. The Saints come out of halftime and have the ball to start the half. Their first play was a pass to Lil Jordan Humphrey? Was that the intended play or the 3rd read? Just strange.

And of course, the one Payton probably wishes he had back. Yes, Teddy B. should get rid of the ball, fall straight down – do anything NOT to take a sack during our last possession.

But why are we passing for a first down there? I get it – we wanted to score a TD. We’d wanted that all game. But the Saints are 3rd and 8 at that point.

We are looking at a 49-yard field goal attempt with no yards gained, which is probably why Payton looked to pass. But the Cowboys had a time out left. If we throw incomplete, they don’t need to use their last time out and that last series might look different. Just an unusual call.

Run up the gut, run a misdirection play. The pass only has one positive outcome in that situation.