Saints: 3 things Teddy Bridgewater needs to do on Sunday night

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Teddy Bridgewater
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2.     Minimize Turnovers

The Dallas Cowboys are 3-0 and have yet to record an interception this season. Although this may seem like a bright spot to expose on game day, the Saints should tread lightly.

While the defense isn’t producing turnovers nearly as much as they were at the start of last season, they still have an elite corner in Bryon Jones, who is always looking to make a game-changing play. Bridgewater must be cognizant of where he is at all times.

If Teddy Bridgewater is secure with the football, then look out for the Saints offense to control the game at home. Bridgewater, in his first start, was smart with the ball but just allowed the offense to stagnate too much.

Another key to minimizing turnovers will be to limit the times he’s sacked. He did well last week, not being taken down once. Against the Rams, he was taken down twice and that clearly altered those possessions.

Turnovers and stalled possessions could be the Saints’ kryptonite in Week 4. That said, they’ll obviously give themselves a good chance to win if they can move the ball and force Dallas into uncomfortable situations.