3 things the New Orleans Saints need to improve on in Week 4

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Get Michael Thomas active early

Michael Thomas didn’t have a target in the first quarter last week. Yes, the Saints didn’t get much at all going on offense during that quarter, but they must be better at getting their star receiver involved early on.

146 of Bridgewater’s 177 total yards came from either Kamara or Thomas. That type of involvement is dangerous. But, it’s likely that distribution repeats itself in Week 4, and if the Saints know what’s best for them, they’ll get Thomas involved in the first quarter.

The Saints aren’t going to be awarded the same opportunities that they were against Seattle. In a primetime matchup, they’ll need their stars to shine, but they need to give them the chances to do so. This past Sunday, they didn’t. Their possessions stalled early and often.

With Bridgewater, developing that connection is difficult enough over the course of six weeks, but doing it within just days was difficult and an easy explanation for their struggles last week. However, this Sunday, it’ll be unacceptable for them to fail to score on their first multiple drives.

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The team has a good chance to start the six non-Brees weeks 2-0, and they’ll do so by improving on these three things.