New Orleans Saints are built to win regardless of who leads

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Drew Brees, Taysom Hill
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Where Bridgewater and Hill come into play

Bridgewater needs to be efficient. He needs to move the ball down the field and make a big play when it’s necessary. If we’re trying to hold him to the same level that we’ve come to expect of Brees, we’re going to be woefully disappointed, and that’s not fair.

And, for those clamoring for more of Taysom Hill at QB, I say this. The Saints practice regularly. The staff sees them more than we do and knows what they have in each QB.

While Hill’s passing improved over last season, it may not be where he needs to be comfortable having him run the entire offense. As well, if you put Hill in at QB, he is no longer available to play snaps at other offensive positions or play on special teams.

As you may have noticed, his snap count was a bit more limited in Seattle. He just can’t play that much when we don’t have another backup beyond him on the active roster.

The overall vibe is this – this team has been designed to win.

They are built to play competitively regardless of who is where. Yes, you will miss Brees, as you would miss Kamara or Thomas (those losses, to be honest, might be MORE difficult than that of Brees).

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But there is enough talent around the whole of the team that losses of personnel would be minimized. It’s the epitome of the Saints mantra “next man up”. We may not expect the firepower of a Brees-led offense, but the team can – and should – win nonetheless.