New Orleans Saints are built to win regardless of who leads

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Alvin Kamara
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The reality

We know Brees will be rehabbing and working at a furious pace to get back, but we need him more to be 100% for a playoff run (Yes, this is still a playoff team – if you can go TO SEATTLE and win with a backup QB and all our injuries too, you can make the playoffs…).

He needs to be careful. The timeline works out perfectly if it could be as such. The Saints are on a bye in week nine which would be six weeks from the surgery. That would potentially have his return in Week 10 against Atlanta.

Perfect world, that works out.

The Saints that played on Sunday against the Seahawks could compete against most teams. Yes, we punted too much. But, we were able to get a special team’s score and a defensive score to go with three offensive TD’s.

That has to be enough for us to win regularly.

Again, hopefully, the critics will go to bed.

Bridgewater wasn’t outstanding but he was relatively efficient. He made passes he needed to, particularly in the second half. The offensive line didn’t help him out early in the game either with more penalties, but everyone settled into a better rhythm in the second half.

We have been spoiled in the Who Dat Nation.

Brees’ longevity and relative health have us looking for all Brees, all the time. What we are witnessing here with Brees is historic. There is not likely to EVER be another QB as prolific here, if for no other reason than the fact that Brees is rewriting the NFL record books.

He will be historically seen as one of the best QB’s of all time. We simply cannot expect that of anyone else.