New Orleans Saints are built to win regardless of who leads

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(Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)
(Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images) /

It’s a team effort

Yes, Brees is simply phenomenal. But the offensive line has been great over the last couple of seasons. Yes, Brees’ ability to make good, quick decisions and get rid of the ball fast makes them better, but they are pretty good of their own accord.

Michael Thomas is one of the best receivers in the game today. Alvin Kamara reminds me of Gale Sayers, Barry Sanders, and Walter Payton rolled into one superhuman being.

Our special teams were on point as well. Yes, Wil Lutz missed a PAT on a wet field. And yes, Deonte Harris muffed a punt. But, Harris also returned a punt for a TD.

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Stolen points like that are immeasurable in the NFL. Lutz made good on three other PATs and consistently kicked off well, so Seattle had to work the whole field.

And, Thomas Morstead went into his own “beast mode” on Sunday, having a couple of punts downed inside the five-yard line. Seattle had 13 possessions on offense. Ten of them started at or inside their own 25-yard line.

That’s a strong special teams performance.

Defensively, this team isn’t going to set the world on fire. But we have known for years the Saints don’t need a top-five defense to win.

Last year we had a top defense against the run, so we were forcing offenses to pass against us. We gave up big plays then too. But when you make an offense one-dimensional, it’s easier to keep the game in front of you.

We need a defense that will simply rest in the top 17-20 in the league. More power to us if we can do better against the run again. But we just need to be average on defense to win.

And that includes the possibility of going maybe into or beyond week 10 without Brees. We keep hearing six weeks, as a timetable. That’s a best-case scenario.