New Orleans Saints are built to win regardless of who leads

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Drew Brees, Alvin Kamara
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The New Orleans Saints are built to win, regardless of who leads them offensively.

Word was that many New Orleans Saints fans were selling their tickets,  writing off the season, or at least the portion that would be missed by Drew Brees. There were Teddy Bridgewater naysaysers in heaps.

Many looked at his limited recent body of work as completely indicative of his total abilities. Injuries to the Saints were going to doom us, and we were simply going to play the “hold on” game and see if we could stay relevant until Brees’ return.

Hopefully, a win in one of the NFL’s more notoriously difficult places for visitors to walk away with victory will put some of that baloney to bed.

Not only did the Saints win in Seattle, but they also did so in fairly convincing fashion. They did it in the fashion that the Saints will need to emphasize over the time Brees is out. Defensively, they gave up a ton of yards, over 400 to Wilson alone, but got back to the bend-don’t-break defense for the most part.

They got critical stops and scored a defensive TD. They also scored a special teams TD on a punt return by Deonte Harris. When you have two non-offensive scores, it’s hard to put into words how much an advantage you gain.

But the story here is what we’ve heard from many Saints insiders recently. The Saints haven’t simply been getting good picks and free agents to win with Drew here. This team is built for long term success.