Hater’s Guide to 2019 Saints Season

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Drew Brees
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The Closing Window

Moving on, the next criticism of this year’s Saints team is regarding the fact that the team’s window may have closed last year. People have said the same thing about the Saints before, even last year, in fact.

The team is no stranger to heartbreak following the Minneapolis Miracle. The Saints have been victims of two close opportunities being taken away from them at the last moment in the last two seasons.

Undoubtedly, this team has had the talent to make the Super Bowl and possibly win.

That doesn’t mean that the talent will disappear because of a lack of results, though. The only consistent talent for the team that was released in the offseason was Mark Ingram. The team has added plenty of offensive weapons like Jared Cook to make up for any lost offense on the ground.

Frankly, the fact that Kamara is solely the lead back now doesn’t concern fans much at all.

The mere fact that they lost and were cheated last season doesn’t mean that their window is closed.

As was said in the video, almost all of the team’s core has returned and this isn’t a franchise that allows heartbreak to hold them back.

The team had arguably a better season following their loss to the Vikings in the divisional playoff game. The “No Call” in the NFC Championship may sting a bit more to fans but the team itself is not one to dwell on the past.