New Orleans Saints: Game-by-game predictions of 2019

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Drew Brees, Alvin Kamara
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The New Orleans Saints will again be one of the NFL’s top teams. Here’s a look at the season by quarters and a prediction of their final record.

Here we go with the 2019 season. This season is full of excitement for New Orleans Saints fans.

The team is picked by many prognosticators to be a Super Bowl team. Looking back on our last two seasons, we were maybe two plays away from beginning this campaign as two-time defending NFC Champions. We could be looking for our fourth Super Bowl ring.

Instead, we sit relegated to trying again to ascend the mountain and get to glory. This Saints team is as good as any in the team’s history, with solid front line play-makers. At the moment, it seems the gains are greater than the losses from off-season moves.

And while we lament the loss of a few good players and solid role players, remember the Saints roster is normally a living thing. It will change and fluctuate throughout the first few weeks of the season to be sure.

We have come to trust Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis to make good decisions on who will help this team win. Speaking of winning, my prediction for this season is another winning season. Last season I was spot on in prediction of a 13-3 season.

The schedule doesn’t frame up as nicely this year and my prediction reflects that, but there is still no reason the Saints don’t end up as a playoff team and potentially get to host at least a couple of playoff games.

Here’s how it breaks down by quarters of the season: