3 teams the New Orleans Saints could deal Teddy Bridgewater to

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KIrk Cousins
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Minnesota Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings don’t necessarily have a contract issue with their quarterback, but they do have a consistency issue. Kirk Cousins, who is currently the starter, is a question mark in an offense that arguably has the league’s best receiving duo to go along with a top-ten running back.

Sean Mannion is the team’s current backup. Never heard of him? Me either.

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However, in the preseason, neither Mannion or Cousins has given Minnesota reassurance that they’ll thrive this upcoming season. Dropping back 36 and 25 times respectively, the two both have under a 70% completion rate. They’ve combined for three touchdowns and one interception.

Cousins, completing just 52% of his passes, has not looked impressive. That said, if you take away the game in which Bridgewater was reportedly sick, he would have the highest completion percentage of the three and wouldn’t have tossed his lone interception.

While it’s only preseason, Kirk Cousins, who has a 34-37-2 record, isn’t the quarterback to take Minnesota to the promise land. He went just 8-7-1 last season. In Bridgewater’s best season, he led a team to an 11-5 record.

There’s no debate on who is opening the season as Minnesota’s unanimous leader, but Cousins has been inconsistent in the past. Without any help behind him, the Vikings are stuck in the mud if Cousins struggles.

Bring in Bridgewater for a third-round pick and give yourself an option at the most important position.