3 teams the New Orleans Saints could deal Teddy Bridgewater to

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Dallas Cowboys

Jerry Jones doesn’t want to pay Ezekiel Elliott. The Cowboys owner, who offered quarterback Dak Prescott $30 million per year, reportedly was rejected because the franchise’s young leader wants $40 million.

Well, do we really think Jones is about to make Prescott the highest paid quarterback in the NFL? Many don’t even consider Prescott a top-five quarterback in the NFL, and if you repurpose $40 million into different offensive weapons, Teddy Bridgewater could look a lot like Dak Prescott.

All that to say, the Cowboys are in an interesting position right now, and if push comes to shove, this team may need to trade for a quarterback. Let’s be honest here. A Jerry Jones-owned team is not going to be starting Cooper Rush in Week 1.

With two of the best backup QBs in the league, Bridgewater, who plays a similar style to Prescott, would thrive with the offensive line in Dallas. However, it’s likely that Dallas would still be short Elliott, so Bridgewater’s arsenal would be limited.

Prescott has averaged around 3,600 yards per season through three complete years. In Bridgewater’s long 16-game season, he recorded over 3,200. Yes, Prescott has been the better quarterback, but the gap in their pay and their play would make this viable trade option for Jones.