3 teams the New Orleans Saints could deal Teddy Bridgewater to

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If the New Orleans Saints believe Drew Brees’ heir is do-it-all quarterback Taysom Hill, why shouldn’t they wheel and deal Teddy Bridgewater?

The New Orleans Saints have had the most intriguing backup quarterback battle in the entire NFL. It seems after every preseason week the underdog comes out with a stellar performance, making fans rethink who the Saints believe is Brees’ heir.

Now 40, the Saints, because they won’t get a top-tier pick in the next two years, must groom their next star quarterback. A future Hall of Famer, Brees’ legacy won’t continue for too much longer, although he could arguably still compete at a high level for two-to-three more seasons.

That said, after comparing Taysom Hill to former 49ers legend Steve Young, it appears the Saints may pick him as the team’s go-to backup quarterback. If they decide to go with Hill, there’s no reason why the team should keep Teddy Bridgewater.

After Bridgewater’s performance in the team’s preseason opener and throughout the preseason at-large, there should be many teams that could use him as both an insurance policy for an injury-prone quarterback and a potential replacement.

Bridgewater has a track record of success and could take an already-developed franchise deep in the postseason. The 26-year-old led Minnesota to an 11-5 record during the 2015 season prior to being forced out the entire 2016 season.

After all, Bridgewater was offered a spot in Miami if he wanted it this past offseason. He wanted to re-join New Orleans because of the opportunity to take over the team after Brees. If that spot isn’t his anymore, he should also want to leave for a favorable opportunity.

That said, let’s dive into a few favorable opportunities that both the Saints and Bridgewater may, without much drama, agree to a deal with.