Fantasy Football: Where to consider drafting your favorite New Orleans Saints

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Drew Brees
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Drew Brees — Within the top six rounds

Recently, I did a project for an excel-based collegiate class. That project revolved around fantasy football quarterback rankings. One of the results was actually that Drew Brees has been the NFL’s best quarterback over the past five years.

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He’s been Mr. Consistent, and for some fantasy owners, that’s exactly what you want. While players like Russell Wilson and Cam Newton may thrive depending on the league’s scoring setup, Drew Brees has been and will continue to always be a safe option for owners.

Last season, in a down year, Brees was eight yards shy of 4,000. He also tacked on 32 touchdowns in 15 games. Those, along with other trackable stats, added up to make him the eighth-highest scoring quarterback in the league.

Brees, in current Yahoo! Sports mock drafts, is being selected 65th overall and is, on average, being selected in the seventh round. Per their results, teams are shifting towards younger quarterbacks like Baker Mayfield and Deshaun Watson.

Still spearheading one of the league’s most dangerous offenses, Brees should be picked within the first six rounds of your draft, and selecting him around that fifth or sixth round would be ideal.

The 40-year-old is currently ranked No. 10 in Pro Football Focus’ fantasy quarterback rankings.