Fantasy Football: Where to consider drafting your favorite New Orleans Saints

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When it comes to fantasy football, the New Orleans Saints will have at least four draftable players that fans should understand the value of.

The New Orleans Saints are a fantasy football goldmine. They ended the 2018 season with one of the best quarterbacks, wide receivers and running backs in the game, and they’ll maintain that type of dominance in 2019.

However, aside from those three and then the addition of tight end Jared Cook, this team really doesn’t have much draftable talent. At the same time, they do possess a few players that are worthy of a late-round selection.

Finishing the season 13-3 last year, the Saints nabbed the NFC’s top spot by combining an above-average defense with a dynamic, high-scoring offense. Those type of high-scoring offenses yield high-value fantasy assets.

Already the top team in many major media outlet’s power rankings, the Saints are expected to be one of the best this season, and hopefully, they can get the job done in the postseason as well. Until then, many fans will be both concerned about the performance of both this team and their fantasy team.

Well, we’re here to help at least one of those teams succeed.

The last thing you want to do is secure your favorite Saints player before you absolutely need to. That said, let’s take a look at where each of the top Saints should be selected in your upcoming fantasy draft.