3 positions the New Orleans Saints could find problematic

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Jared Cook
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Tight End

The New Orleans Saints addressed one of their most worrisome positions in free agency this season. They did so by signing Jared Cook, the former Raiders tight end that’s bounced around a few teams in the past several seasons.

Last season, Ben Watson had the most receiving yards of any tight end for New Orleans. At just 400, the Saints could’ve used more from Watson, yet he did manage to finish fourth in yards for the team.

That right there proves an even greater need for depth at receiver. However, that position won’t be problematic for them given the expertise of Michael Thomas. With Thomas and Alvin Kamara roaming the edges, the opportunity for Cook to have a career year is here.

What we don’t know is how Cook will be used. He has solid size at 6-foot-5. That should be ideal for Brees when in tight spots, similar to how he used Watson last season.

Josh Hill has also developed nicely into a solid blocker if anything happens to Cook. However, the team wouldn’t get the offensive production they’ll get from Cook from Hill.