Javorius “Buck” Allen: The other Blindside

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The story of Michael Ohr as written in the Blindside has enough in common with Saints running back Javourius Allen to build a strong bond betweetn the players.

Most football fans are familiar with the story of Michael Oher from The Blindside. The story of an impoverished young man being brought in by a well-off family and being given a chance at a better life through football. Allen’s own story is not too far off of this narrative. That story mimics, in many ways, that of former Ravens running back Javorius “Buck” Allen.

In the modern era, many prospects are viewed primarily off of numbers and what they are able to prove at the NFL Scouting Combine This method’s proven to be extremely effective but it’s still not able to take in the whole picture. This is evident in the case of Buck Allen, the Saints newest addition who was originally taken by the Baltimore Ravens with the 25th pick in the fourth round of the 2015 NFL Draft.

In that draft, Allen was often viewed as a good back in a draft packed with great ones such as Todd Gurley, Melvin Gordon and David Johnson. One draft analyst described him as an “excellent fit for Marc Trestman’s offense as he is a one-cut downhill runner who is also a proven receiver out of the backfield.”

Allen’s ability to catch and his lateral quickness should definitely make him an exciting addition to a Sean Peyton offensive scheme, but there is one attribute of Allen that has always made him different, patience.

In almost every interview or description of Allen, the word patience seems to appear. It can be describing his play, his character or his demeanor. Patience seems to be the virtue most strongly present in Buk Allen and he wholly embraces it. It’s an under-appreciated character trait and it has servied him well.