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2018 Season: New Orleans Saints at the three quarter mark

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Drew Brees
ARLINGTON, TEXAS – NOVEMBER 29: Drew Brees #9 of the New Orleans Saints looks to pass against the Dallas Cowboys in the second quarter at AT&T Stadium on November 29, 2018 in Arlington, Texas. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) /

The Saints went to Dallas on the tail end of three games in 11 days. That’s not an excuse. Dallas did the same. But that seemed to have been the downfall of the black and gold. As I’d predicted, they ended up 3-1 over that stretch. But I never would have thought the Cowboys would be the ones. However, as many have said, the year the Saints went to the Super Bowl, Dallas was the team to end the 13-0 run we had. Hopefully, it’s a sign.

The Saints now head into the final quarter of the season one game ahead of my prediction. My call for the final quarter of the season was 3-1. That still seems like a decent guess given the opposition.

The Saints face Tampa Bay this weekend. Tampa handed the Saints their first loss in the season opener. Ryan “Fitz-magic” has been replaced by Jameis Winston. Hopefully, the Saints are better prepared for this matchup than before.

They follow that game with a trip to Carolina on a Monday night. Carolina is a tough out. Though Cam Newton is not an elite QB, he poses a threat with his feet. Them not having Greg Olsen helps also. Pittsburgh comes to town two days before Christmas. The Steelers will be fighting for their playoff lives. They’ve currently dropped two games in a row. Even if they win both games coming into the Saints game, the Steelers will not have double digit wins, so they’ll be a tough matchup. Then we face Carolina once again, for the second time in three weeks.

Predicting which may be a loss is tough with this group of games. Division games are always tough, and we have three of them. But the Panthers seem listless. They’ve lost four consecutive games after looking as though they may challenge for the division.

The good news is that the Saints now play two games in 18 days, after having the stretch of three games in 11 days. That will help some of the bumps and bruises, especially along the offensive line.

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I think much of what happens from this point forward may be predicated on their desire. The Saints could earn a first round bye and host a game in the divisional round. I think that is the goal now. They still have goals in front of them, win the division (which could happen as soon as this weekend), get a bye, and compete for the conference championship. Not only do I think all that is possible, I think it’s all likely.