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New Orleans Saints 2018 Season: Quarter pole review

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The Saints 2018 Season has reached the quarter pole. We take a look back, reviewing the contests that have gotten the team to a 3-1 mark.

We expected this New Orleans Saints team to be not just good, but great this 2018 Season. They were a surprisingly solid team in 2017, 10 seconds from playing for the NFC Championship a year ago. The team wasn’t perfect, but they were very good. We figured they would improve with maturity and our additions, and go from very good easily and immediately to a contender. While they are winning more than losing, this is not a great Saints team so far. That’s the bad news.

But this is a good Saints team. We have seen the enormous gaps in the defensive backfield. We have seen a less than good rushing attack. We’ve seen what seems at times only a three-headed attack on offense and we’ve seen way too much Alvin Kamara.

But we have now seen this team win three games with less than great play. After losing the first game to Tampa Bay, this team won the following three weeks. It hasn’t always been pretty, but it’s getting the job done and that’s the point. And it’s important to win these early games because they don’t get easier down the stretch.

Before the season began, I predicted the Saints would be 4-0 coming through the opening quarter of the season. They are 3-1. Not terrible except in the way the loss occurred.

A quick look back at the first quarter of the season: