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Mark Ingram

Mark Ingram
MINNEAPOLIS, MN – JANUARY 14: Michael Thomas /

The Saints got a great deal when they resigned Ingram for four years and $16 million four seasons ago. Ingram had not yet completely broken out as a top running back, so the deal worked. Were Mark Ingram the same age as when he signed that deal today, he would fetch no less than $5 – $6 million a year based on his last two seasons’ work.

Now, a dilemma is approaching. Ingram will turn 29 at the end of this season. His contract expires this season. The Saints didn’t rework his deal in the offseason. I’m certain the Saints wanted to hear more about the drug charges against him from the league, and with that looming, they wanted to wait and see what type production he gives.

Jonathan Williams in lead to fill in for Mark Ingram. light. Related Story

It’s a tough time for Ingram and the Saints. History shows that RBs that turn 30 have a significant drop in production. So the Saints are going to be very careful in how they try to work a deal for Ingram, IF they work a deal. They may let him walk. He may be trade bait. There are lots of options. Unfortunately, for Saints fans and Mark Ingram fans, many of those options don’t include him staying long term in black and gold.