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New Orleans Saints: 30 greatest players in franchise history

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La'Roi Glover, New Orleans Saints
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Defensive Tackle. 1997-2001. La'Roi Glover. 23. player. 15.

If we were looking at La’Roi Glover‘s NFL career as a whole, he’d probably be higher on this list. However, seeing as we’re focused on what he did during his time in New Orleans, he finds himself here at No. 23.

Why? Well, for starters, he only spent five seasons with the Saints. While he did plenty of damage during that time, it still seemed a bit short. Realistically though, his stint down in the Bayou was the start of something special — he would go on to be voted into six-straight Pro Bowls, two of which came during his final two years in New Orleans.

It all started in 2000, his fourth year in town. That season, he racked up a league-high 17 sacks, earning him his first Pro Bowl appearance and a unanimous First-Team All-Pro selection. It still stands as the best single-season sack effort by a Saints player, tied with the No. 8 guy on this list for the honor.

Glover may have been a star for the Dallas Cowboys, but his presence was felt the most during his days with the Saints. That’s why he found his way into the Saints Hall of Fame, and is still acknowledged as one of the best defensive tackles to ever play in New Orleans.