New Orleans Saints: 30 greatest players in franchise history

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Danny Abramowicz. 24. player. 15. . Wide Receiver. 1967-73

Let’s be honest — through the first couple of decades, the Saints were just a bad football team. The wins were hard to come by, and there weren’t too many bright spots. It’s safe to say though, that Danny Abramowicz was a positive force for one of the NFL’s worst teams at the time.

Here’s what I love about Abramowicz’s story: the guy was drafted in the 17th round at 420th overall. That’s essentially the equivalent of an undrafted rookie by today’s standards, although competition for a chance in the NFL wasn’t nearly as intense back then. His odds of becoming a top receiver were slim to none, but that didn’t dissuade him.

Instead, Abramowicz quietly became the co-star of the Saints’ passing game alongside Archie Manning. It was a longshot for him to even make that initial roster, but he took it in stride and became a mainstay for the New Orleans offense.

His reliable playmaking ability and sure hands earned him All-Pro honors in 1969, and left him in ownership of all the team’s receiving records when he was traded to the San Francisco 49ers in 1973. Abramowicz may not have been the fastest or most athletic receiver out there, but he carved out a role for himself as one of the Saints’ very first offensive sparkplugs.