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Dalton Hilliard, New Orleans Saints
Mike Powell /Allsport /

player. 15. . Running Back. 1986-93. Dalton Hilliard. 25

One of the most underrated and overlooked running backs to ever play for the Saints, Dalton Hilliard had to constantly overcome speculation that he wasn’t cut out for the NFL. By the time his career had come to a close, there was no doubt he was a star.

A multi-dimensional weapon for the Saints, Hilliard joined just as the team started to get good. Then, he managed to win the starting job as a rookie, having one of the most successful seasons by a first-year running back in franchise history. It wasn’t anything historic, but he scored five touchdowns and racked up over 500 yards in total offense.

It was all uphill from there.

Although his last few years in New Orleans weren’t nearly as exciting, Hilliard earned his draft status as a second-round pick during the 1989 campaign. Scoring a franchise-record 18 total touchdowns on the year, he convinced voters to send him to his first and only Pro Bowl.

Hilliard may not be as big of a name as a couple of other running backs to call New Orleans home during their NFL careers. However, looking back on his eight seasons with the club makes it very clear that he was a welcomed addition and outstanding asset for the Saints.