New Orleans Saints: 30 greatest players in franchise history

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Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints
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Who are the greatest New Orleans Saints of all-time? Join me on this journey as we work our way through the 30 best players to ever wear the gold and black.

There have been some legendary players to walk through the New Orleans Saints‘ hallowed halls over the years. Despite the team’s lack of success during its first 20 years of existence, the franchise has seen more than its fair share of stars.

In hopes of bringing some context to these general statements, I’ve decided to pinpoint the 30 greatest Saints players of all-time. We all know who the biggest stars of today are — Drew Brees, Alvin Kamara, Cameron Jordan, Marshon Lattimore. While you may find a couple of those names on this list, my attention is turned to the greats from the past 51 seasons.

One other thing to keep in mind — these rankings are based on what these players did as Saints. There are a few of them who went on to enjoy significant success with other teams, but that wasn’t taken into consideration. I only care about what they did while they were part of the New Orleans organization.

Got all that? Think you understand my mindset behind this collection of past and present Saints stars? Good, glad to hear it.

Now that we’re all squared away, let’s take a look at the 30 greatest Saints players in franchise history. For the youngsters, this should be a valuable history lesson on your favorite team. For the long-timers, this will be a pleasant trip down memory lane.