New Orleans Saints 2018 Season focus based on draft selections

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Drew Brees is surrounded by talent, but not a successor

Nothing says “we’re trying to win now” more than not targeting a replacement for your almost 40-year old quarterback in the draft. Luckily, for the Saints, Drew Brees continues to set new records as time goes on. He’s aging like fine wine, and is locked in with New Orleans for at least the next two seasons. Maybe in 12-18, or even 24 months, the Saints will actively find an above-average prospect to attempt to fill Brees’ shoes. 

Unless Taysom Hill or J.T. Barrett, who was an UDFA signing this offseason, have once in a lifetime talents that have yet to be unleashed, New Orleans isn’t focused or concerned with the quarterback of the future. Instead, Mickey Loomis and the front office sought players to help Brees continue his Hall of Fame career. Smith, with his size, is a formidable option now and later for the Saints. He was a big reason the UCF Golden Knights turned their football program around. 

During his final college season, Smith hauled in 59 catches for nearly 1,200 yards and 13 touchdowns in 13 starts. His 4.49 40 speed is going to be a weapon the Saints will use often. Brees can sling it to fast guys who run great routes, and Smith is just that. 

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UDFA Deon Yelder out of Western Kentucky got paid a hefty sum. The $90,000 check Yelder will receive is much larger than usual for UDFAs. It will be interesting to see if he will develop into a red zone target early on for Brees. Coby Fleener was just cut, and there is a major need at the tight end slot.

Of course, with All-Pro Michael Thomas, Offensive Rookie of the Year Alvin Kamara, veteran firecracker Ginn and a new stud in Meredith, Brees is buried in talent. Smith was an excellent choice by the front office, as it solidifies what Saints’ football represents: high power offenses. It is going to be a spectacle watching Brees distribute the ball to all of these guys, even Smith.