New Orleans Saints 2018 Season focus based on draft selections

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The Saints may have had some head-scratching moves during the draft, but those decisions may make more sense than you think.

It’s funny how often NFL front offices are doubted. Many casual fans will base most of their knowledge surrounding the draft off analysts they catch on television. It’s not necessarily a bad thing to do. It becomes a problem, though, if those fans get tunnel vision. One or two prospects will be amazing, sure-fire picks for their teams. At least in those fans’ heads. Same with overall targets: what fans or analysts may deem as priority needs, actual front offices may think differently. 

This is mainly due to general managers and coaching staffs understanding the current state of their roster. At all times, too, like the backs of their hands. That’s why it’s so important to look at who teams MEET with during the draft process. Those players and positions are the true targets. The option to sign free agents, call up practice squad members, and develop raw talent are also huge factors for teams. All of which gets overlooked often by the outside world. 

Now, I’m in no way trying to diminish the opinions of fans or casual analysts at all. I consider myself both, and know that I don’t possess nearly the same amount of knowledge regarding the Saints than their own front office. It’s just nice to take a step back, and take into consideration the hours that general managers, scouts and coaches put in to make sure they draft the right group of players. The New Orleans’ Saints recent draft class has some early questions from fans. Quite a few, in fact, even though both the Offensive and Defensive Rookies of the Year in 2017 came from the Saints. 

Let’s set the record straight on a few things. Training camp is approaching and there’s a lot that New Orleans is telling us.