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Grading the Saints 2018 draft: Another perspective

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We should have at least a decent amount of confidence in Marcus Davenport. The Saints brass had him targeted from early on as “THE GUY”. He’s a massive amount of humanity coming off the edge. Theoretically, he should terrorize tackles for many years to come and, if so, was a good pick. Good enough to move up 13 spots and give up next year’s number one pick? That will be a tougher thing to figure.

If the Saints make it to the NFC Championship, that pick is 29 or worse – almost a second-round pick. That is acceptable. If Davenport figures to be a ROY candidate as well and the Saints are a playoff team, that is also acceptable. Otherwise, giving up a first round pick next year may be seen as steep.

Also, Davenport is raw – we heard that over and over from the pundits. If his potential isn’t realized, then there will be restlessness on Dave Dixon Drive. Truthfully, not putting pressure on the rookie, but for a move like this, he has to be good today. He cannot simply be a rotational player coming in on third downs – he must develop into an every down player.

The good news is Davenport checks off a need spot. Also coming in at a need spot was Tre’Quan Smith, WR from Central Florida. The Saints are a pass happy team. Having more weapons never hurts. They resigned Brandon Coleman for security and they picked up Cameron Meredith hoping his injury woes are behind him. Smith could be the heir apparent to a long in the tooth Ted Ginn, Jr.

Smith is relatively new to football. He only played two full seasons of high school ball and he came out after his junior year at UCF. So his upside is tremendous – he has plenty to learn and a fresher body to learn it with. His measurables were great and he is noted to be a good blocker, something the Saints cherish.