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Grading the Saints 2018 draft: Another perspective

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Recent drafts

Reflecting on the 2017 NFL Draft is the first mistake we will make as Saints fans. That 2017 Saints draft is an all-timer. That happens once a generation. To have both the offensive and defensive rookies of the year is stunning. To also include two more starters from that draft is unconscionable. And that all those starters were solid contributors makes the 2017 draft one for the history books.

Beyond that, we’ve gotten spoiled here recently. The 2016 draft yielded three starters and a full time rotational player. And the 2015 draft netted the Black and Gold an immediate starter and three other rotational players. We’ve seen the fruits of the front office’s labors in short order.

This draft on paper doesn’t look the same. Sure, last season we questioned Lattimore’s hamstring. We questioned the drafting of Williams, to an extent. Kamara was a nice thought but would that “joker” role suit him at the NFL level. Ramczyk was supposed to be a backup to both tackles, not a starter at either. But overall, we had a decent amount of confidence in that draft. This one has more questions than answers.