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Grading the Saints 2018 draft: Another perspective

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With the 2018 NFL Draft in the books, here’s another grade on how the Saints did based on value, potential and need.

The New Orleans Saints 2018 NFL Draft has come and gone. This is the time prognosticators lick their wounds from so many incorrect mock drafts. And it’s the time when we grade the draft and speak of how well (or not so well) our team did.

First, a small rant. This contributor didn’t do a mock draft. Too often mock drafts are like March Madness picks – one incorrect pick near the top and your entire draft is kaput. All the time and effort for naught. I know that’s the fun of it for many – simple projection. You know your team’s needs and you try to guesstimate which players fit those needs.

Unfortunately, you are always one Baker-Mayfield-at-number-one away from a draft collapse. Or, in our case, one move from 27 to 14 to get a guy no one had on our radar. It simply seems odd to predict and project, and then – for the most part – get no more than a handful of the 256 correct.

Then, once the picks are all in, we all speak to how well we did. Did we meet our needs? Did we get the right guys? How do they project on this roster? That I can get into.