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Who Dat Dish Podcast: Saints mock draft 1.0

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Round 5, Pick 138: Marcus Allen, S, Penn State

Two Marcuses in the secondary for the Saints. Why not? Coleman’s tenure in New Orleans likely will not last all three years. Players his age at his position tend to fall off sooner rather than later, thus becoming extremely expendable. But Marcus Allen, a safety out of Penn State, is 6’2”, plays like an NFL linebacker and could easily replace/improve-upon a future void left by Coleman or any other Saints safety.

Under defensive coordinator Dennis Allen’s scheme, safeties are vital. He usually uses three at a time on the field, leading to an increased need in depth for the Saints’ secondary. Allen fits the Kenny Vaccaro role at his ceiling. He’ll be able to cover receivers with his speed, as well as tight ends, and can help with run support/filling the tackle box.

Now, just because Allen has shown the ability to cover well, he didn’t have many college highlights in that aspect. He had just one interception and 4 passes defended during his career. Fortunately, he won’t be asked to cover often during his first few years, if New Orleans does draft him. That’s how most fifth round selections begin, anyhow. He would be the best player available at this spot, and his fit in the defense makes this a great pick to me.