Saints: positive takeaways from loss at Minnesota, season as a whole

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These hearts will be broken for awhile. However, the Saints can become even better next year and it showed in Minnesota despite the loss.

What a season 2017 was for the New Orleans Saints.

The team and the community were thrown into absolute bliss between Weeks 3 and 11 this year. After starting out 0-2, and being blown out by the Patriots, many had no clue what to think of the team. Was it time to end the Payton-Brees era? Does the team start letting some veterans go and begin a mini-rebuild?

Then, the switch was flipped. It’s still unknown as to what that switch was, but things changed drastically for the Saints. They routed Carolina on the road, traveled to London and shutout Miami for the first time in years, traded the dead weight Adrian Peterson brought to the team, swept the rest of the NFC North, made Jamies Winston eat an L, routed Buffalo on the road and had an improbable comeback against Washington.

Sitting at 8-2, the mood in the Big Easy was 180 degrees compared to the mood after losing to New England. The Saints finished the season 3-3, with 2 of their final losses coming against playoff teams. Finishing 11-5 was a breath of fresh air with a hint of lemon scent for The Who Dat Nation. The dreaded “7-9 Curse,” which haunted the team four of the last five seasons, is officially gone.

Then, the team pulled off an intense and impressive victory in front of the home crowd in the Wild Card Round. Even though the season had to end on a bitter note, the comeback in the game, and in this season, gives us a peek at an amazing team that’s developing.